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IGestión de Consumo

IT equipment consumes more than 25 percent of all global commercial energy, particularly with PCs/Macs, print volume, enterprise software updates and patch efficiency. Aptean’s Power Management technology from Verdiem reduces energy consumption by up to 60 percent and has helped save customers more than $250 million.

After using Power Management technology to discover baseline energy usage, customers find that their PCs and Mac fleet is “on” far longer than they expected. With proactive power management, energy consumption can be cut by 60 percent. For large PC fleets, that savings potential is in excess of $1,000,000 annually.

Verdiem Surveyor

¿Para quién es?

Para empresas con una gran cantidad de ordenadores personales, una gran cantidad de impresiones y actualizaciones recurrentes de software a nivel corporativo.

¿En qué se diferencia?

Verdiem Surveyor delivers the most accurate data on IT device utilization. The patented solution combines keyboard, mouse, CPU, print network and disk activity to build a highly accurate model of device utilization that is the only independently verified and validated solution. This reliable information can be shared throughout the company via dashboard reports that provide easy-to-understand quantitative results for dollars saved, energy consumption reduced, and CO2 emissions lowered

¿Por qué lo necesita?

IT equipment consumes a massive amount of energy, taking steps to monitor and organize energy efficiency will save money for the bottom line, make the IT network more effective and provide a longer equipment lifecycle.

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